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Barry Baldwin solely started B.J. Baldwin Electric, Inc. at his residence in Narvon, PA. He kept his equipment in his barn and his wife did the bookwork in their home.

Ross Wanner was the first employee and still works for the company. He now works at Williamsport Electric.

Baldwin Electric's first job was at a car wash and a church.



B.J. Baldwin's first office is built along Route 340.



Barry Baldwin opens a motor repair shop located on Route 322 in Narvon, PA.



Outgrowing the offices on Route 340, B.J. Baldwin moves to Route 322 in Narvon, PA.



Barry Baldwin purchases Lancaster Electric (LE), which has 12 employees. Originally incorporated in 1902, Lancaster Electric Co. was one of the oldest electrical companies in this part of the country. Located at 24 W. Walnut Street in Lancaster, it was a branch of the Lancaster Electric Rail Company (trolley service).



B.J. Baldwin Electric buys Kroll Electric. (Kroll was originally established in 1961 by Joseph Kroll)

Lancaster Electric is moved to the Kroll Offices
at 679 E. Ross Street.

There are now 100 employees between the three companies.

"Weigh in Motion" which checks the weight of moving trucks is established by Baldwin Electric and used by the PA Bureau of Transportation.



Williamsport Electric is opened by Barry Baldwin.



Fidler Electric is purchased (Deer Lake Office).



Baldwin Electric begins a data division.



Miller Electric is purchased.



A Mechanical Division was formally formed to expand the plumbing and HVAC services provided by Baldwin Electric.

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